Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts… SUCKS!

I was waiting this game for months now. Yesterday, I bought and installed it (of course, after it automatically unistalled the previous version). So far, so good. But…

You can’t play this damn game if you don’t register online, even if you wanna play it offline (or you don’t have internet access) a fuckin single mission. The other option is to exit to windows!

Wasted money



It was much better written by a pal named ZeroHour58 in gamespot forum:

«I just installed the game . Why do I have to sign up for an account and give my name address etc for something I want to play offline? What happens if I do not have internet access, let’s say I’m on deployment and I do not have internet access, than the game is a Frisbee. Ok, let’s say I do have internet access and am willing to give up personnel information to a software company and have more of my personnel information floating around in cyberspace. Why would I want to wait for a 137.23 Meg download for an online patch that I do not want to use. Good thing I have cable or this would be an all day process. Had to turn off virus scanner to speed up the download and than run it back through after it finishing thedownload. (you never know what kind of marketing research tools these companies imbed in the programs, I’m sure you can remember some from previous companies) Still waiting now some twenty minutes after installing to play the game. I played company of heroes just fine and did not have this problem, sort of reminds me of the steam fiasco when Half life 2 came out and you had to go on line and wait to download steam engine open an account and update half life before playing. If I had known that it was not just an insert install and play I would never have bought this thing. Freaking A after all this ranting typing I’m only at 77 Megs of the download. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. After it installed it needed to go online just like counterstrike and Bf2 to play. could not access the game without accessing my relic account (this is not good for laptops or people who do not have constant internet acess) Why force me to allow monitoring of my singleplayer offline game play. The Nazi’s are not just in the game they work at Relic and Ea and Steam and are forcing me to use an online service that I do not want. I want to play offline and not bemonitored by some marketing company to see how much game play the game is generating and when to release expansions or try and sell me other games. If I wanted another Steam style game advertising something when I logged on and watching and recording my game use I would never have bought this. I loved the first COH but this switch to forced accounts is wrong! Free my games! let me decide when I want to logon to play online. Let all the game companys know that I hate the splash page selling me stuff. You think I don’t know the new BF2 expansion was available? Do I want to buy some other freaking Steam or EA game. No I just want to play my game. If I want to buy something I know that GAMESPOT will have that info for me. I hate the game companies for shoving this stuff down my throat. Free my games!!!! Quit monitoring my games and me. I feel that soon wewill have to give a DNA sample to playour games, stop this trend! Keep the Nazi’s in the game and leave gaming free to choice and do not force us to have an internet account with each major gaming company.»

You should instead name the game: CoH: 1984 (suites better)



  1. Παράθεμα: heroes » Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts… SUCKS!
  2. Anonymous

    They want to check out if the game is original,that’s for all this happens.You may can give false personal information,select from the game’s control panel not to connect to the internet anymore,mute the internet connection for the game with the help of a firewall,find an unofficial patch to do some of these,you can buy games for consoles only,and so on…..

  3. Παράθεμα: heroes » Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts… SUCKS! [kaltsovrako]
  4. stixakias

    γουάι ντου γιου ράιτ ιν α φόρεην λάνγκουιτζ;
    Γουί ντου νοτ αντερστάντ χριστό!

  5. espοir

    Εσύ ειδικά, πρέπει να τους στείλεις και μερικές αλλαξιές για να ενεργοποιηθεί το παίγνιο! 😉

    Άνευ πλάκας τώρα, το έχουν ΠΑΡΑΧΕΣΕΙ οι εταιρίες. Μόνο αν τους φτύσουν ομαδικά και ζητήσουν τα χρήματά τους πίσω οι παίκτες / καταναλωτές / χρήστες, ίσως βάλουν μυαλό.

    [Εδώ θα έπρεπε να παίζουν οι «ισχυρές καταναλωτικές οργανώσεις» … τις οποίες δεν διαθέτουμε.]

  6. μαραμένα σύκα

    Τα μόνα παιχνίδια που παίζω είναι αντίκες σήμερα,civilization kai diablo II
    Το ντιάμπλο είχε απλά την όπσιον να παίξεις ον λινε αν επιθυμείς!Φυσικά για λόγους πειρατείας είχαν και το ρεγιστερ γιορ κοπι αλλά τρίχες έβαλα ότι μου κατέβκε από το μυαλό.
    Έχω πάψει να παίζω τα σκατοπαίχνιδά τους για τον λόγο που λέει και αυτός παραπάνω,εκτός του ότι δεν κάνω κέφι κανένα.


    Πάντω αν δε το γράφαν με κάποιο τρόπο στη συσκευασία μην εκπλαγείς αν σου απαντήσουν αν γράψεις στο customer service. Άσε που μπορείς και γράψεις και να το στείλεις πίσω. Tέλος, κοιτώντας στο google δεν υπάρχει χακεριά να το γλιτώνεις;

  8. Oneiros

    Το θέμα είναι να μη χρειάζεται χακιές και πειρατικά αντίγραφα ώστε να αποφύγει να δώσει τα προσωπικά του δεδομένα προκειμένου να παίξει ένα παιχνίδι που αγόρασε.
    Τάσο, καλά έκανες και το ‘γραψες στα αγγλικά το post, μερικά θέματα είναι ευρύτερου ενδιαφέροντος, και στο κάτω κάτω δικό σου είναι το blog.


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